Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thuggery is corny.

I just got finished seeing my old homeboy Bill buried. It made me stop and think about life and death, cause and effect. He's dead and his mom's heart is broken because he beat somebody in a freestyle battle..??..He went to Iraq, served, survived and came back home in one piece just to die from some ignorance. Irony can be tragic.

What was the other guy missing in his life that made him feel murder was the right response to losing a freestyle battle nobody even knew about? He took a life and threw away his own because he couldn't take a loss and somewhere in this city, his boys or whoever are thinking to themselves "that's some real nigga s#!t". Imma go ahead and say it, Thuggery is corny. We here dying over rap battles and jewelry like clowns to prove how much of a "real nigga" we are and then wonder why the world thinks we're a joke.

Two lives wasted, and by the talk at the funeral, he'd be better off turning himself in.

I rambled l.s. but with all that said, Don't fit the mold, break that b!*@h.

Obama in '08, there's a whole generation that needs a role model.

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