Sunday, November 16, 2008

South Beach'd

I was loafin on the update but here it is...
Miami was sick, even in November for only 2 days. I really thought everybody that talked about the majority of women being top notch might have been an exaggeration but I was wrong as hell....too wrong. It made DC look silly. I can honestly say that, out of every 10 chicks I saw, 8 required double-takes. Yes I'm a noob. Yes I was trippin. Yes I learned a valuable lesson. Yes I will be going back.

The first night we messed with this club called Cameo - I should add we didn't even get there till something like 2:30 and people were still streaming in - but it was "meh", not really my type of joint. I like down to earth females, they seemed to be lacking those. D Wade showed his face, chicks and sadly some dudes damn near pissed themselves. Three drinks came up to $38 so I was pretty tight about that but I made the best of it that I could. I had a brief convo with Brian Urlacher after the club but strangely, no hang over the next day.(I hate widows so Imma type some crap)

^^Remember this face(the one on the right)

Seeing this pic still makes my stomach flip...blargh


Day 2 was beach day. I loafed superhard, I thought the water was gonna be too cold to swim so I had no necessary equipment, ah well that's another reason to go back. I still enjoyed myself; the sound of the waves is calming and there was a constant cycle of ass walking past on the sand. Being there made me wonder what Rio de Janeiro would be like. Miami Beach further solidified my belief that the beach back home is 75% dookie 10% piss and 15% actual water.

..the hell ya'll lookin at??

Things aren't always as they seem.(click to enlarge)

Lookin like she lost her dog or somethin, "Smile baby, you in Miami..."

aaayyyee...she was in the club

"She's mine...and her too."

Until next time...

A small dedication to my time in the 305.

Nike Dunk Pro "Miami Dolphins"

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