Tuesday, November 4, 2008

As we proceed...(^this date marks history!)

A quick blurb on my '08 voting experience:

As the whole universe already knows Election '08 is underway and its highly likely- unless some sick cheatin goes down- that for the first time ever ever ever ever, a non-caucasian will be the mutha effin commander in chief. [o.O] This is an exciting time and without a doubt, marks an overall change in the US.

At my polling location, the line was kinda long but it was moving pretty quick. As I stood in line, every black person that passed gave me the "yea we in there" nod...one dude walked straight up to me, gave me dap, and kept it moving. I had to keep myself from laughing but I understood EXACTLY what it was for. We were all on the same page and confident in the outcome of what we were doing.

A few words of caution regarding all this...
If Obama wins, my folks-my blood, have fun, celebrate etc, BUT WATCH YOURSELVES. Racism might not be all "Kill the nigger!" out in the open anymore but its still there undercover and unfortunately, I think the predicted outcome of this election could cause "some people" to act on their inner sentiments out of frustration, embarrassment, denial, anger and even fear. Just be aware of your surroundings, some people really take elections to heart.

OBAMA in O-ATE!!!!

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