Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rain Makes the Day Plain!

Its pretty sick outside today with this semi-cane and what not, so I been in the crib doin some designing (Dana-dane, I got you homie!) and making these in-the-way, blaargh ass business calls. I promise I need an assistant already! I needed some boom-baps to get the creative muscles going, here's a tracklist in a 1000% random order:

  1. Wrong Side of Da Tracks - The Artifacts
  2. Protect Ya Neck - Wu-Tang
  3. Take That - Frontline (shouts to the Bay, I like what ya'll do)
  4. Blunt To My Lips - Project Pat
  5. RAMP - Daylight
  6. Doors Open - E-40 & Turf Talk
  7. Bammer Weed - RBL Posse
  8. Workin Da Wood Wheel - Pimp C & Slim Thug
  9. Coolie High - Camp Lo
  10. When Skateboard Came - Pharrel & Dj Drama
  11. One Beer - MF DOOM
  12. Baby C'mon - ODB
Music centers me!
Truth, we waitin!

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